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Identify the Best Type of Signage for Your Vehicle

Branding is crucial for any company that wants to grow and develop successfully. As a business owner, you can opt for various methods to spread the word about your business. One of the most efficient strategies is the use of vehicle graphics. This marketing technique helps you reach a wide range of audience as you drive throughout an area.

There are various types of vehicle signages. Check out the list below to understand which one is best suited for your business:

Full Vehicle Signage

When you want to go all in, select the option for full vehicle graphics. Your vehicle is completely covered with graphics from the very hood to the bumper. Except for your windshield, every part of your car is covered with graphics that attract attention from all sides.

Using full vehicle graphics is an extremely creative and eye-catching method to elevate your brand identity. Although this is an expensive method, this one-time investment can help you stand out from the crowd. By consulting with signwriters in Canberra, you can determine if this option is the best for you. A car is something one adores, and these signwriters can customise it according to your desired needs and preferences.

Partial Vehicle Signage

Partial wraps cover your vehicle from 25% to 75%, depending on your budget and requirement. You can get more flexible pricing while still utilising high-quality graphics on your car. Delivery vans and trucks are the most common vehicles to use partial wraps.

You can select white or neutral colour designs or graphics as your vehicle signage. You can also take a creative route and use window graphics by printing or putting up the display in your car window. When vehicle signages are concerned, the list is non-exhaustive or endless.

LED Signage

This method of vehicle signage is quite costly; however, significantly eye-catching as well. This electronic message sign can be used on the side or back of your vehicle where the running text runs across the display or drops from different directions, or comes in a flash format. You can choose to display as much text as you want to get the most attention for your brand.

Vehicle Lettering

If you are not sure about vehicle graphics, you can consider vehicle lettering, which is a budget-friendly option. This is a great alternative method to test if your branding method is suitable for using vehicle signages.

With vehicle lettering, you get a small two-line sentence that consists of information about your brand or service name, email, and contact details. You can also combine a QR code that directly links to your website and use it as an effective form of marketing.

Spot Stickers and Decals

As a business owner, if you are looking for a low-cost yet consistent method for automobile branding, then spot stickers and decals are the way to go. This signage takes less than 25% of your vehicle and is of a small size consisting of your company name or logo. These graphics are usually used in the back of a vehicle.


Thus, out-of-home advertisements like vehicle signages are a great way to efficiently advertise your business. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing and assess your business audience and budget before choosing the best vehicle signage for your business. So what are you waiting for? Get the best vehicle signage for your car today!

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