The use of signs, especially on vehicles is a great way of increasing the visibility of your business. A vehicle with bright and vibrant signage never fails to attract attention and will turn your vehicle into a travelling promotional advertisement, ensuring maximum exposure for your business.

At Inkline Print & Signs, we specialize in creating visually appealing vehicle signage for businesses in Canberra and Queanbeyan. We specialize in car wrap, large format printing, digital print, vinyl wrap, truck signage, car stickers, mobile billboard, and reception signs.

What can Vehicle Signage Do for Your Business?

Vehicle wraps and signs for publicity are definitely in, and you should capitalize on them. For one, they get you an enormous amount of publicity, so the cost per impression turns out to be extremely low. With a vehicle promoting your business traveling in strategic areas, you will gain a huge increase in your company's exposure. The ROI you receive is unbeatable.

Why Choose us for Vehicle Signs & graphics?

Our strongly skilled technical team continuously enhances its knowledge with training in the latest printing and application technologies so that you get only the best in-vehicle signage.

  • Large format, customized designs for cars, trucks, boats, two-wheelers and plant equipment
  • Customized cut vinyl lettering that comes with rollback stickers for easy application
  • Highest quality signs for the doors and windows of your vehicle
  • Magnetic signs for temporary use ensuring the body of your vehicle remains undamaged
  • One way vision widows signage which allows the driver to see through the window whilst utilizing it for full-color signage

Make the most of the time your vehicle spends on the road by using vehicle signs to advertise your business. Contact us or call 6297 1633 for a free quote.

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