Day or night illuminated signs can create quite an impact. They are an excellent way to guide customers to your doorstep after dark. They can in fact be designed to suit day time use as well. Inkline Print & Signs offers a wide selection of designs to choose from, complete with precise graphics or logo reproduction. Our services are widespread in the Canberra, ACT and Queanbeyan areas.

How Can Illuminated Signs Help?

Illuminated signs are an excellent tool for effective visual marketing and branding. Businesses that stay open after dark (such as restaurants, bars, retail outlets and gas stations) benefit well by opting for illuminated signs. Whether it is to highlight your services or establish your location, your job is done with illuminated signs, as they are easy to spot even from afar

Our Services

Depending on the kind of illuminated signs you are looking for, our expert team can guide you with your choices. All our products can be customised to any size or shape.

When it comes to aluminium light boxes with acrylic faces, we can furnish you with brackets to hang them under an awning or they can be attached directly to a wall. We also offer full colour printed faces and LED or fluoro tubes for lighting. These signs come in string welded aluminium boxes as well.

For 3D acrylic boxes and lettering, we offer LED lighting and raised acrylic lettering or coloured vinyl. They too can be wall mounted or suspended under an awning.

For slimline LED lightboxes, we ensure full colour interchangeable graphics and a range of sizes – A0, A1 & A2. They are printed onto transparent white media which allows light through without any loss of colour and brilliance.

Why choose Inkline?

  • Boundless choice of designs
  • Customised finishes
  • Expert staff to guide you
  • On time delivery & installation

Opt for an illuminated sign from Inkline today and give your business the attention it needs. Call us on 62971633 or click here for any furher information.

Illuminated Sign

Illuminated Sign